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Mill 2 is the largest and most recently operated section of the Crown Vantage Parchment Paper Mill, except for the power house which was operated for a few months after the closing of the mill. It contains four paper machines (Bagley, Beloit, Yankee #1 and Yankee #2) in two machine rooms, a coating plant, a baling machine, a lot of warehouse and storage space, and a lot of other miscellaneous equipment.

The last day of operation for Mill 2 was November 3rd, 2000. Although some machinery and equipment had obviously been moved around between then and June of 2003 when I was able to photograph the mill, the majority of the large machinery was still present and in place, giving us a good glimpse of what Mill 2 looked like when it was in business.

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Our entrance and the areas we saw while trying to find the paper machines.
The Beloit and Bagley Paper Machine Room


The Yankee #1 and #2 Paper Machines
The Coating Room & Machinery


The Gigantic Warehouse on the end of Mill 2
Offices and Stuff

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