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This supervisor's office gives a supervisor's eye view of the coating room.


The office also contains these three television monitors, which were presumably hooked up to security cameras. The monitors were turned on, but unfortunately the cameras must have been turned off, because the monitors did not show anything. It would have been interesting to see what the cameras were monitoring.


On our way out of Mill 2, we stumbled across these devices which look to be pulpers for waste paper. Before finding these, I never knew that this mill recycled waste paper, but I guess they did. We were somewhat lost at the time we found these machines, so we really weren't sure if they served just one of the paper machine rooms, or the whole mill.


The mill hadn't seen this much excitement (or traffic) in a long time!


There was even a food and lemonade stand for all the auctiongoers. The police were also present, keeping an eye on things, but I guess I didn't get a picture of them.


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