Crown Vantage Mill 2 Yankee #1 and #2 Machine Room
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Here's the wet end of the Yankee #2 machine. Its design seems somewhat different than that of the Beloit and Bagley machines which did not have that yellow belt sticking up into the air.


I do rather wonder what the function of that particular belt was.




The Yankee #1 machine does not seem to have the same belt design as Yankee #2.


Looking back at Yankee #2...


It seemed to us that there was more control and measuring equipment visible in the Yankee machine room than in the Beloit/Bagley room.


I suppose that this Rayex Hole Detection System had something to do with detecting holes in the paper passing through the machine.


Now there's a rather large roller.


This appears to be one of the main control panels for one (or perhaps both?) of the Yankee machines.


Computerized, even!


The LED display says "call electrician," which would have been quite necessary if you were trying to make paper with the state the mill's electrical system was in at the time.


According to this display, the "Uhle Box Vacuum" is still drawing 2 Amps... I'm not so sure about that, though.


Most of the rest of the indicators are displaying a more accurate figure for this mill: 0


The entire panel.


Here's some more of the drying section of one of the machines. I still wonder about those ropes.


And here we have the Measurex 2002... Whatever that was!


Down here before the wet end, we find a Centriscreen machine. I'm not exactly sure what all these filtering machines were for - I heard from someone that they're used for filtering out too-big fibers in the pulp, but then someone else I was talking to thought that they had something to do with removing ink from the pulp in the case of recycled papers...


These sort of look like they might have had something to do with filtration, although I'm not exactly sure what... They look pretty cool though.


Given its proximity to the machines, I'd say that this is one of the final stock chests.


It has an agitator blade down there at the bottom.


Those are a lot of valves!


Here we see several pipes and hoses through which materials could be added to this chest.


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