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Before going into the actual machine room (ahead), we will duck into a few of those offices on the right.


Here's Matt looking stylish in the door to one of the offices.


This office contains a large whiteboard with information about the maintenance schedule for the Beloit and Bagley machines written on it.


We found this diagram of the plumbing for the Yankee 1 machine in the office.


And a similar diagram for the Yankee 2 machine.


This diagram of the "Fresh Water System" also looked interesting.


There was also this mechanical diagram of the Yankee 1 machine on the office wall.


We relax in the office for a moment before heading out to the actual Beloit and Bagley machine room.


Well, here we are at the dry end (where the paper comes off) of the Beloit and Bagley machines.


This apparatus looks interesting. Perhaps it has something to do with cutting and winding the rolls coming off the machine. After all, it does say "Danger: Slitters" on the side.


Here is the control panel for the above machine.


And here is another control panel for well... Something.


I can't say I quite get the joke on this calendar...


Here on the wall-side of the Beloit machine, one finds a very large number of rollers, gears and motors. (I would guess that this is in the drying section of the machine.)


Here are a few of the "large number of motors" mentioned above.


It must take a lot of control equipment to get these motors to all run in synchronization with each other.


One finds many more mechanical machine diagrams on the wall behind the Beloit machine.


I guess those steam pipes confirm that this is probably the drying section of the machine.


One finds this modestly sized tank near the Beloit machine.


Here's a nice view of the Bagley wet end from standing atop the Beloit wet end.


This control and information panel sits at the wet end of the Bagley machine.


This somewhat larger chest lies before the wet end of the machines.


Here we find some digital readouts concerning the paper machines.


I wonder what on earth the purpose of these ropes could have been!


Here are a few centrifugal cleaners up close. There are many more of these cleaners where this came from... in in this large bank.


These horizontal cleaners can be found in the room behind the wet ends of the machines.


Thanks to a glass panel on its side, we take a peek into what I guess is the headbox of the Bagley machine.


This thing was in a little compartment next to the machine room. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but it looks kind of cool. One can see light coming in from the outdoors there, and there was also a strong wind current in this area.


The lighting conditions in the Beloit/Bagley room were not spectacular, so we returned with a tripod in order to take some more pictures. Upon our return, the lights were turned off completely and the only light in the room was coming from outside through the green plastic windows, giving everything this eerie green tint.


The wet end of the Bagley machine...


...and that of the Beloit machine.


Those centrifugal cleaners look even more bizarre under the green light.


It looks like they had the drying sections of these machines partially enclosed, probably in order to save energy (heat).


An intimate look at part of the Beloit machine's drying section.


Having turned around, we now approach the room behind the wet end of these two machines.


The room behind the wet end is rather large. I think that it may contain some refining equipment. We don't have any more pictures of it, though.


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