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Well, there's the OMC5 coating machine.


And here are the OMC2 and OMC4 machines. I don't really have any idea how a coating machine operates, therefore I don't have a lot to say about them.


The coating room contains several large tanks, as shown here.


It looks like there's a little bit of... something, left on the floor of this tank (which incidentally appears to be for sale as its own lot).


The entire tank in question.


I didn't really want to stick my head in there, so I let the camera do the job. Here's the top of the inside of the tank.


Latex sure seems to be a popular ingredient in paper mills.


Judging from that sign, I'd say that these are the tanks that directly supply coating to the OMC4 machine after everything is mixed together.


It looks like sometimes, the coating leaks.




I think that this is where the coatings are mixed, "cooked," and generally prepared for use.


The coating material seems to leak over here, too.


I like this sign.
(MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheets - employers have to provide them for just about any chemical that is to be used in the workplace.)


These look cool, although I can't remember what they were hooked up to or what I thought they were for.


Meet the Balemaster. The Balemaster is in a room very near the coating machine room. The management of the mill does not want you to put your head into the Balemaster. I wouldn't want to put my head in the Balemaster either.


According to this notice, the Balemaster can store a lot of mechanical energy; enough to make it move suddenly even if the electricity is turned off. Stored mechanical energy is bad, and will kill you. *ahem* The Balemaster also seems to have some airflow issues, and won't work properly unless the either more winders than just the Y-1 are on, or the #5 coater trim blower is turned on. But in order to turn that on, a whole bunch of other blowers have to be turned on. Mm-hmm.


The Balemaster has several sets of control panels.


I wonder why this mill needed a Balemaster. I'm pretty sure they didn't manufacture any pulp-for-sale, but what else would you ship out in bales, I wonder?


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