Mill D - Pulp Preparation Rooms


We pause as a cellular phone call is placed at the back end of the machine room.


There's a lot of junk in this area, and some more holes with guardrails around them that seem to go down into various tanks.


It looks like another beater, or maybe it's something else - it's hard to tell from the photo.


In any case, it requires a permit if one wished to go inside it while the mill was in business.


Looking inside seems to confirm its beaterness. Those openings in the floor must have been for the pumping in and out of various chemicals (and the pulp once the beating process was complete).


There is a funny looking aperture in the floor, which I believe leads to what is known as a stock chest.


As do these.


Peering into one of the alleged stock chests.


A fluorescent light fixture once illuminated... something, here.


We seem to have reached the back wall of the mill (more or less anyway).


There is a combined bathroom and locker room in the back of the mill.


Heading west to cross the creek, one runs into this semi-rectangular object made out of a kind of tile similar to those out of which the beaters are made. I wonder what this object is.


What kind of circuit breaker handle won't de-energize the breaker?? This one, evidently. (C. Demaine notes that after reading this, one should have more appreciation for the breakers in the powerhouse with the transparent windows so that one can visually see whether the power is indeed disconnected or not.)


Another electrical doodad, this one tagged as 'hot'. C. Demaine tells us that this box contains a bunch of electrical controls, including some contactors (usually found in MCCs) which are used to switch three-phase power, and that this box was used to control several small three-phase devices that were tightly integrated. He also notes that the device in the background is probably a regular MCC.


A view out of the window while crossing the creek. A very large cross-section of the building goes over the creek here, unlike the small passageway seen out the window.


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