Mill D - Pulp Preparation Rooms, West Half

As we cross the creek into the western half of Mill D, we see another rectangular object...


...with a vent sticking out of its side.


As inviting as it may look, we thought better of it.


Besides, we don't have a permit :).


Near the large rectangular tank, is this long skinny thing...


...which one can look inside of. We have no clue what this is.


Moving right along into what appears to be the room where waste paper to be recycled was received, we see by this loading door that we have indeed reached the western limits of this part of the factory.

Just look at that weird contraption, would ya?


It looks sort of like an enclosed conveyor belt; the kind that paper might be carried upon. But why would its upper opening be by that window? If the point of the conveyor was to carry the paper down from there, why hoist it up there in the first place? Why not just bring it in at loading-dock level to begin with?


Here's a look up into the apparatus from the bottom.


The bales (and non-bales) of waste paper strewn about the room do definately suggest that paper to be recycled was handled here.

These rolls of cruddy looking paper adorn the floor. According to two industry contacts, they could either be Kraft paper, or Broke paper that never made it back to be recycled - a roll that "could not be separated after coming off the slitter".


Were you wondering what was at the top of that conveyor apparatus? Well, here it is!

This pit in the floor might, I think, be located somewhere underneath the top of that conveyor apparatus. Or, it may not - I can't remember and the pictures are not too explicit about the subject. But if it is, then perhaps whatever machinery was once here had something to do with the odd conveyor.


Another look down into this pit. Those pillars look pretty darn weird if you ask me!


Someone left the cake out in the rain... Ahem, someone left a roll of what looks like finished paper in here, perhaps to leave us an example of the fine Allied Paper product.


Go Underneath the Paper Machine Room!