The Grounds of the Allied Paper Company

These pictures more or less follow the back (North) side of the mill while walking down the street to the west:

And suddenly it's spring! Actually, that's just when these particular pictures were taken - I only have a mish-mash of photographs of this part of the mill, taken during different seasons and different times of day and night. One of these days, I'll go there and take a comprehensive set of photographs and revamp this portion of the tour.


Looking all the way down the north side of the mill, it becomes apparent that Mill C is indeed very large.


One of the more dilapidated portions of Mill C...

Here is a cool-looking portion of Mill C. The corrugated metal room at the very top is reported by one of my friends to contain a machine known as a "deculator", although I've never had the opportunity to go up there personally. Evidently, a deculator is used to remove air bubbles from the paper machine feed stock before it is pumped into the machine. If I am not mistaken, I believe that the part of the building on the right of the photo, with the large paned windows, is the No. 6 machine room.

Looking down the street to the west, we see the overhead passage between Mill C and the power plant. It contains a multitude of pipes, and also a human-accessible walkway. Someone has recently gone in there and written graffiti on its windows. I've looked into the passage from the powerhouse, and it looks far too unpleasant to enter according to my tastes.


Looking back the other way...*


Here we have a few shots of the extreme north / west side of Mill C:


Mill C viewed from in front of Mill D. *


The west end of Mill C. *

A somewhat tree-cluttered view of Mill C from near the envelope company.


That's about all for Mill C. Now that we are standing near the northwest corner of Mill C, we are near Portage Creek, the Power Plant, the remnants of Mill E, and Mill D:

Proceed to Portage Creek and the remnants of Mill E.

Photographs marked with a * were generously supplied by S. Caron.