Allied Paper Demolition
Update IV

I had another chance to swing by the Allied mill and take some pictures on the fourth weekend of October 2004. Fortunately, I remembered to bring a digital camera to town with me this time, which produced somewhat better results than my point-and-shoot film adventure in Demolition Update III.


Looking at it from the Living Ways parking lot, we see that most of Mill C's rubble has been removed.


The viaduct is still there, and that's about it.


The large steam pipe sticking out of the former Mill C power conduit looks out of place.


It's a massive field of debris.


The roll grinding room (and the asbestos monitor) still stand; for now.


A small conduit protrudes from the ground.


Moving around toward Bryant street, we see the former "basement" wall of Mill C.


The view here is a lot different with the mill missing.




The Powerhouse's smokestack is trying to hide from the demolition crew behind some trees.


This looks like the only remnant of Mill C's rather striking windows that once faced Bryant street.


It looks like the door to Hell or something.


But it's not.


It will look pretty strange here once all of those overhead conduits are gone.




He'll huff, and he'll puff, and he'll blow your mill down!


It seems odd to see this completely intact wall segment with the rest of the building destroyed.


The Powerhouse is still pretty intact; at least externally.


It looks like it would stand forever, except for the windows.


Well, this part of Mill D and its service garage look alright.


These railroad tracks probably don't have a very bright future.


I wonder what all they have been removing through that rather large hole.


I wonder whether Homrich gets the proceeds from materials scrapped from the complex or whether the city does.


The creek still runs under the mill, for now.


It'll be a shame to see this go.


The former Mill E site looks bleak and desolate.


Work is commencing on Mill D.


The remains of the burnt-down portion of Mill D have been cleaned up quite thoroughly.


The dilapidated Mill D Outbuilding, which appears to have something to do with the power plant that was once connected to that chimney, was not visible from here in the past...


But now it is.


It looks as though National Rent-a-Fence's duties here may be drawing to a close.


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