Allied Paper Demolition
Update III

There was a lot less left of the Allied Mill in early October 2004 than when I had last visited it halfway through September.


Hmm, that looks a little different...


Yeah, Mill C seems to be missing.


Well, the viaduct is still there for now.




That's a lot of metal.


That thing looks really weird sticking out of the rest of the rubble.



Some of Mill C's Bricks


These doors now go nowhere.


Nor does this one.


The power conduit being supported by Mill C's only remaining wall presents a striking image.





I took this picture on a Sunday, meaning that this fire hydrant hose had been left gushing like this all weekend.


The front wall of Mill D now sports this gaping hole.


These transformers look like they are still connected to the high-voltage distribution lines, though their output lines were disconnected long ago.


Mill E is gone.




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