Crown Vantage Paper Mill
Mill 1 - Rear
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We will begin in the rear of the Crown Vantage Parchment Mill:


Yes, as you can see, the mill is very large.



I don't know what the writing "Power No. 1" means there... If this part of the building is a power plant, one would think there would be a smokestack present, but there doesn't seem to be...





Here are a few close-ups of that cove in the middle of the buildings with all the pipes and equipment and stuff:






Nifty stuff...


Walking around the rest of the back of the mill:

Moving down to the end of the mill where the Parchmentizing plant formerly stood...


But we can see that it has been torn down to make way for...


...a bank.


Moving along back to the other end of the mill...

According to the readings on that watthour meter, this apparatus is still running, whatever it may be for...


Perhaps it has something to do with this building, which appears to be an outflow for mill wastes.


Like the rest of the mill buildings, the outflow house has been "levied and seized" by the city of Parchment to satisfy delinquent personal property taxes by American Paper Mills of Michigan in the amount of $120,432.22.


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