Allied Paper - Mill C

Heading back through the workshop room, the door to the main warehouse can be seen straight ahead.


Looking out the workshop window, one can see the corridor connecting the warehouse room to the room we are currently in.


A fire extinguisher sits inside the connecting corridor. Notice the interesting floor, or lack thereof. (It seems to consist of many shaky pieces of thin wood without much support beneath them.)


Stepping into the vast shipping/receiving/warehouse room...


It truly is enormous.


The warehouse also contains this big, blurry crane... (It's hard to hold a camera steady for a one-second exposure.)


...and some fire prevention/monitoring equipment.


A memo describing procedures regarding paper "seconds" is taped to the wall. It's dated January 1997, indicating that Mill C was in operation at least until that time.


I guess they have to weigh the product before they send it out.

Mill C contained two paper machines, No. 6 and No.7. (Evidently, the other machines were in different buildings.) The No. 6 paper machine room is adjacent to the warehouse/shipping room.

Proceed to the No. 6 Paper Machine Room.