Mill D - Powerplant-related Outbuilding

Proceeding a bit farther into the building, one finds a large open room that contains some electrical switchgear reminiscent of that in the (most recent) Powerhouse. It looks like the large open area may have once contained electrical generating turbines - but then again, perhaps it did not. Notice the doors on the far end of this shot. I don't know whether they go to another room of this building, or whether they go to the outdoor area near the smokestack. In any event, we did not find out because we judged the far area of the building to be too unstable (and uninteresting) to enter.


Some of the pieces of electrical equipment are on elevated platforms...


That's a pretty big ammeter.


More of the usual meters-and-switches, just like in the "real" Powerhouse.


As in many parts of Mill D, there are ventilation fans in the roof. Despite the mill's unpowered status, these fans spin on warm days, sometimes at relatively high velocities, due to the rising warm air exiting the building, giving things a slightly creepy aspect.


Heading back out the way we came in, one looks again at the overhead pipes, some of which at least seem to have delivered steam to the various engines in this building.



There must have been more machinery in the basement, judging from that exhaust pipe that runs all the way up and out the roof.


This thing sits silently near the door.


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