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The rather sizeable turbine room contains two sets of turbine-generators. Here's one of them...


...and here's the other. It looks like there is enough space in the turbine room to hold one or maybe two more sets of turbine-generators. I wonder if they used to have more units at some time, but then replaced them with fewer but more efficient ones.


A somewhat closer look at one of the turbine-generators.


9.375 Megawatts. Not too bad!


I wonder what those grates in the floor were for.


Looking inside one of the units...


To be perfectly honest, these control panels in the turbine room looked a lot more interesting when the power was still fully turned on in the plant. (We obtained a brief tour of this plant just before it closed down for good at which time the generators were already shut down, but the building's electrical systems were still fully active.)

There are lots of control and indicator panels in the turbine room:






There is also another control panel on the other side of the room by that steam pipe. Many of the steam pipes were visibly (and audibly) leaking right before the plant shut down, giving things a somewhat Star Trek-esque appearance due to the steam shooting out all over the place.


Beer is always important when you're operating a power plant, or so they say.


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